Hi! This is the homepage of Kalium! I make some things, and sometimes I put words and pictures of them up here.

I've started putting some stuff up! It's mostly testing code garbage because I'm writing up my blog post handler I've made a simple post handler! I wrote a bit about it on my Blog Page and I've also started posting some recipes, so check out my Super Cool Recipe Page.

If you want to chat, contact Kalium, probably on Foonetic IRC if you want to be sure they'll see you, they hang out in #xkcd.

They can be found on a handful of social media sites: They co-admin the xkcd.network Mastodon instance as @kalium, and can also be found hanging out in a bunch of places like. Tumblr or Twitter.

If you prefer secure communications, you can use Keybase or contact them on Tox, with a request to the following Tox address:


If you, for some reason, want to hire Kalium, they have a CV, which can be found right here.

If you care about code that they've written, they have a GitHub, which holds a handful of the projects that they probably started and then abandoned. Some of them even work!

If you have questions or site stuff, email kalium@awful.cloud. Be warned that this is a simple email server so chances are that gmail will not even be so kind as to let it reach your spam, they might email you back from a real email address. Your best bet for getting in contact is still IRC.

Or really just use the chat links. It's not the eighties, email isn't the only way to talk about servers.

I just realised the irony of saying that right after suggesting you talk to me on IRC. I stand by what I said.

Follow me in real life! Black van essential.